Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mercury Retrograde...

I admit i check my horoscope from time to time. I am not fanatical about but when I do I ALWAYS go to Susan Miller's Astrology Zone. She is usually has things that are so exact it is eerie. well this months forecast for me starts out like this,

"After a fairly stressful September, you are looking forward to October, and rightly so. Mercury, your ruler, will still be retrograde for the first three weeks of October. This time you may welcome the slower pace that Mercury retrograde brings. With two eclipses in August and a very difficult full moon in mid-September, you've been dealing with a lot of news and shifting situations." Ok cue the spooky music! Lady get outta my life and head...stressful September was an understatement..

here is another gem..."At work, if you are in the creative department, this month you'll find it easy to come up with ideas but a little harder to execute them properly."
Guess thats why my idea book is full but my upload queue is almost empty...execution seems to beyond my grasp right now....

but now that the retrograde has passed (Oct 20) i should be able to get back in the swing of things....right????