Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Days Gone By Blog Train Freebie

Organized by the wonderful FruitLoOp Sally, this blog train collab freebie kit is going be a great one. We have set it up as a blogtrain, so what that means is that you need to go to the next blog to find the next piece of the kit! :) You will find the my piece in here and I'll give you the link to next blog! And that way you go, till you have got all 15 pieces! :)
This big kit has a vintage and retro feel to it and includes:
54 background papers!!!! :D
74 different elements and 1 alpha!!!

Here is my part…


Please stop & visit Creative Victorian Designs for the next piece

New Stores, New Products and more

I am in two new stores and have released quite a few new products to celebrate that! I can now be found in Scrapbird and DigiByDesign! These are both direct links to my stores so be sure to check them out.

On to my new products, I have one new kit and four (yep FOUR) new commercial use items. The kit is Retro Vintage. It is a companion to a freebie blog train I am a part of (stay tuned more on that later today or tomorrow)..I liked working with the palette so much, it inspired a whole kit.

Its available @ Scrapbird, DigiByDesign, & Scraphead right now!

The Commercial Use tools are these:


Just So Journaling Mats – grayscaled journaling mats with lines on separate layer for ease of use.

5 Art Deco Stamps to dress up your designs or layouts

5 Christmas Doodles that will look great when used in your creations.

Borders Vol2 -5 border templates. Use as a trim on papers, create borders, or ribbons.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hope we win

Hp Stop Drop & Spread Holiday Magic

This package would mean that my family of technofiles could have a new pc for once. Every machine we have had has been cobbled together from bits and pieces of machines someone has donated. Nine children with six being school age means lots of term papers, research, college applications & essays that need to be done. The two laptops would go to my teens, one who is a graduating senior and off to college next year. The other attends high school and college simultaneously. Having their own pc’s would mean not having to stay up nights writing papers. Our family size often prevents my husband and I from giving the children all of the things they would like for Christmas or birthdays but this would definitely change that!

Many people have no idea what its like in a family as large as mine. The amount of sharing that we have to do for just basic stuff. And we do it graciously most of the time. One of the lessons I try hardest to instill is that we are all one unit and if one fails or falls, we all do. I think I do a decent job so far. I can’t imagine the joy on faces of my eldest two daughters to be able to have laptops of their own (and top notch ones not refurbished ones from geeks.com). To be able to play online without having to get up when the buzzer goes off (sometimes we have to do that). School work is important so there is always time for that but sometimes time to do fun stuff just isn't feasible.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cadillac Records Review

My mom and I had a girls nite out last nite. We have been eagerly awaiting this movie. We are both huge music fans…huge music movie fans and adore music history. So this movie was a must see for us. I have to admit that I went in prepared to like it. I am a huge fan of most of the lead actors. Jeffrey Wright is a genius. He is way underrated. Adrien Brody is also an excellent actor. Anyway this movie had me entranced from the opening scene. I have probably the weakest bladder in the world and a normal movie trip involves at least one trip to the ladies room. NOPE! I did not want to miss a scene. Columbus Short as Little Walter was brilliant. I have never really been a fan of his….but he really brought the character to life. Gabrielle Union’s portrayal of Muddy Water’s loving wife was her usual excellence. The most emotional scene in movie shows how moving she is as an actress. Beyonce was very good in this role. Many people have criticized her for continuing to play singers…but this role is like nothing she has ever done. When she is on screen, you do not see “Beyonce”, you see a woman who uses her tough exterior to hide her insecurities…a woman who uses drugs to fill the empty space inside her. My only complaint about Beyonce’s role was it wasn’t woven into the story as seamlessly as the other main characters. Eamon Walker’s “Howlin Wolf was a riot! He commanded the scene when ever he was present. And the music…..can’t forget the music. I have been playing the soundtrack for last week or so and its also a must have. I had already heard or listened to the original versions of most of the soundtrack and have to say I am very impressed with the actors choosing to sing instead of using the originals.  All in all I give this a Thumbs Up!imgad


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Testing Testing….

Testing a new service…I downloaded the new Windows Live Writer Beta. You can use to post your blogs from your desktop! I really like the format. Lots of time I do not want to open my browser while designing cause I get sidetracked. I will say I am only looking at one thing and next thing ya know I haven't designed a thing and got 20 tabs open in Firefox. I can see this will be a staple in my day! I didn’t realize that I also have the labels!!!! I am loving this!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What Archetypes Are Calling You?

What Archetypes Are Calling You?
Carol S. Pearson

Scoring Methodology

Based on your answers, the following archetypes in red are those that are calling to you right now. You can use this information to make educated decisions about what the archetype really wants, and whether satisfying it requires you to purchase anything. Often, when we have the genuine experience the archetype craves, we find we do not have to buy so much.

A. 2 Innocent. .

B. 1 Explorer.

C. 3 Sage.

D. 4 Every person.

E. 4 Lover.

F. 5 Jester.

G. 3 Hero.

H. 2 Revolutionary.

I. 8 Magician. You have a strong desire to heal or transform people or situations. Now is the time to develop your power. Explore the art of changing your own consciousness in order to influence others. Be the future you want to see.

J. 7 Caregiver. You are drawn to being altruistic and helping others. Now is the time to identify who of the many needy people you most want to help. Donate some money. Volunteer. Spend time with children or the elderly or someone sick or otherwise in need. Lend a hand.

K. 6 Creator. You have a strong need now to express your creativity and imaginative potential. Find an art form and practice getting good at it. You may not be Picasso, but you do have a vision. Now is the time to encapsulate it in tangible form.

L. 2 Ruler.

This is interesting but not really news to me. Ihave always been a person who enjoys helping others, lots of people come to me for advice not because I am good at telling them what to do but because I am good at helping them figure out whats best for them to do. I guess a mother of 9 should have caregiver archetypal leanings...otherwise I would need a new job huh?And the creator aspect shows itself in my digital designs. I do enjoy it when I am not in a rut. I have been designing for the last couple days. Not really liking what I am doing but trying to push through.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is my Christmas Freebie

Here is my WorldWide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie Be sure to check the blog list to get the rest of these gorgeous freebies!