Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Days of Christmas -TRK Style Day 2

  On the SECOND day of Christmas....well I am not your true love but I do have a special sale for and the next 10 days a different product for 50% off... Banner-12days-02a

Today's special is

Christmas Doodles


5 adorable holiday doodles extra clean lines, 900x900 pixels, Christmas tree, reindeer, holly leaves, hanging bulbs! And on sale today for $2.19 be sure to grab this one! And check back tomorrow for the next half off item!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Favorite Things: Sesame Street Moments

Wow there are so can I chose just a few...but I can!
Of course my favorite SS memory, involves my favorite character, Kermit.

Another favorite of mine was Patti Labelle's ode to X!

Roosevelt Franklin was also one of my favorite characters from old school Sesame Street. And this was one of my favorite songs he sang: I love the skin im in!

one more for the road Grover as the waiter...If I was this guy, I would have found somewhere else to eat!


Shimelle Prompt 4

Blogging about the ordinary is the prompt for today. And ofcourse my ordinary is I am BEHIND. We have 5 prompts...and I have only 2  and half (theres a draft I am NOT going to even publish).....why??? This is why..

I am seriously obsessed with these dang on farming games. I spend way to much time playing on FB or just on pc. I know some of it is avoidance. I have no mojo so I just mindlessly zone out playing the games. I can't even create a layout....without specific instructions. I know there is a deeper lesson in there (haven't done my morning pages in days. ) But I don't know where to start so I don't start anywhere. One day I guess...........

Monday, November 2, 2009

Shimelle's Class

I am really looking forward to this class even though I was a last minute entry...
I would like to get more consistent with blogging. It doesnt have to be every day or every other day even. Just a couple days a week to document all of the cute stories and stuff I put in my status on facebook.

SCRAP MY PHOTOS...I have so many layouts in the making...I need to get them scrapped!

Enjoy company of fellow scrap artists! None of my offline friends are into scrapping...digi or otherwise. I really enjoy reading (sharing) the lives of other ladies who share my interests.

Finish what I start!I have a REAL issue with this. I am so gung ho and interested at the beginning....I would like to carry that through the entire course and finish!

Here is my messy desk....which I started cleaning...notice I said STARTED!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloween

The sprint email pics from phone post didnt work so well. I am posting the individual post as spidey





me & rell


the princesses

me & princesses

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally got it workin

I had been trying for months to get Windows Live Writer to work on my machine running 64 bit XP. In typical Microsoft fashion...the program works just fine with just can't install it....crazy huh. I found a workaround and I am BACK. Expect much more blogging from me now that I can do it easily from my desktop! WOO HOO


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Classy Closet Blog Swap


HI!! I know you were expecting a Totally RawKin Design or a great story from Totally RawKin Designs today but today we are doing a blog swap from The Classy Closet with Keep It Classy Jen! Totally RawKin designs will be over at my site Faith, Hope & Love (if not today VERY soon) and I will be here at hers! How RawKin is that?

I wish that I could offer you a great scrapbooking design but alas I will have to have Totally RawKin Designs teach me how to scrapbook BEFORE she teaches me how to design those amazing designs! So instead I am going to tell you a little bit about me - share a picture or two (which I see Totally RawKin Designs does as well!) and hopefully do Totally RawKin Desgins some justice!

I will start with the basics....I am Carissa from Faith, Hope & Love! I started blogging when my husband Aaron and I started the adoption process in February of 2007 and just kept going when we brought our twins home from South Korea in October of 2008! Our daughter known as Little Princess and our Son known as Little Man will be TWO on Monday - so maybe now is as good a time as any to learn how to scrapbook! This is me and my family:

I stay home with Little Princess and Little Man but I like to do many other things! Currently I am working on sewing custom clothing for little boys and girls and designing hair bows for little girls! I sell these things with my partner at Cutest Baby on the Block! We actually just received the rights to make and sell the adorable designs from ModKids as well as sell the patterns and we are working on revamping the bow designs as well! So I guess that while I don't have any RawKin scrapbook designs or tools for you I do have something creative!

cutest baby

I am off to let my creative juices keep flowing to create the perfect Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme birthday party for Little Man and Little Princess! Thank you to Totally Rawkin Designs for letting me take over for the day! I hope you all enjoyed my post and hopefully later today I will have Totally Rawkins Designs post up at Faith, Hope & Love and if not watch for her to tell you when it is up and come over and leave her some comment love!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back 2 School Freebie

I was so caught up in my daughter's party I forgot ALL about my blog train post! it is...2 cardboard chipboard word arts, 3 construction kraft papers, 1 frame, 1 clippie...I made the word art neutral so it should match with pretty much a bonus word art not pictured. Be sure to pick it up!

Azraelle's Bon Voyage Party

The party is over and done with! Thanks goodness. It was so much work getting everything together...but it turned out beautiful. A few minor upsets....guest of honor was over an hour and half late. The pastor and his wife came and he wanted to bless her and the event and she was still getting dressed across town. The wind kept blowing at the decorations but they still looked gorgeous. I was a wee bit upset when I found that instead saying Grambling Bound.....the cake said Gambling bound and was decorated with playing cards and coins.....A lot of people who were supposed to come...did not...oh well. We had plenty of food...good music...and she had a great time. And my second eldest, Dee said she DEFINITELY does not want a party. She would rather have a gift. Here are a few pictures...more on flickr

Friday, July 17, 2009

Quickpages, Minikit and freebies!

This will be SECOND time I have written today's blog entry. I keep getting sidetracked by FB...and those farming apps. I need Farm intervention yall!

I have been designing some inbetween getting my daughter ready to go off to college, planning her Au Revoir party, and adopting a new stray kitty named Meatball! He is such a cutie pie!

I used Microferk Mardi Gras kit to design my daughter's party invites...since she is going to school in LA..I thought it was a good fit.

Anywho back to design news....I have a set of Quickpages made from my latest kit, My Americana. Since my qp skills majorly suck, I bought some commercial use templates from Kissed Studios based on layouts by some of the most awesome layout artists in digiscrapping community. These gals create great pages. So if you are like me and have tons of 4th photos (from this year and past years) to scrap, you can jumpstart your scrapping. Single photo and multiphoto pages included. Exclusive to my SOTB store for only $4.99 and its 25% for the next week!.

I have new kit in my DoItDigi store: Bedazzle...based on my daughter's prom photo this kit is full of soft colors, gorgeous mauve, lush green, rich chocolate brown and ever elegant black are all present in this beautiful formal inspired kit. Gems, silky bows, shabby textured papers, clustered frames and other elements make this kit a joy to work with. $3.99 at DoItDigi.

I did say something about freebies right? well here are two qp's from both of my latest kits...This is not included in the QP set for sale so make sure you grab it as well as the set!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Win My Americana kit BEFORE

it even hit the store! Leave a comment on this post and one random winner will be picked Sunday at 8 pm EST to win it. This kit is JAM PACKED with papers and elements perfect for all those 4th of July photos...this yea rand years gone past.....Vintage without being overwhelming this kit will definitely work for parade photos, military pics..any time you want to show your American Pride!
Textured Grungy Papers, beads, sequins, bows, cardboard elements, newsprint, glitter, polka dots, chipboard, stars, name it and this kit probably has a bit of it. And all you have to do to win is post a comment! Good Deal huh???

RIP, Congrats, DigiNews and Freebies!

AAARgh...I had a blog all written about the 80s Icons that died this week....and blogger ATE it...UGH...I am not rewriting it . On that note RIP Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett & King of Pop, Michael Jackson. You will be sorely missed.

On to other news..... She finally did it! My Precious First Born graduated from high school on June 11, 2009! WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

There she is recieving her diploma and here she is with me and my mom!

She received 60k scholarship to Grambling University....Go Tigers!!!!!

On to Digi News....

I am participating in SOTB Kuler Challenge.....My first kit will be released on Monday 6/29! Here is a sneak will be on sale for $2.50...

there will be freebie sampler sure to check it out and check out the other designers kits as well.

I also have a new release at DoItDigi: BEDAZZLE...based on my daughters prom pic

Gorgeous Mauve, Lush Green, Rich Chocolate Brown and ever Elegant Black hues are all present in this beautiful formal inspired kit. Based on my daughter and her date's prom pic, this kit is perfect for formal photos. Gems, silky bows, shabby textured papers, clustered frames and other elements make this kit a joy to work with. And its only 3.99 regularly priced!!! But as all new releases, it will be only 25%. Be sure to check out the July DoItDigi newsletter to get a Freebie QP made from this kit.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Favorite Guy Blog Train Freebie

Slide Show

This month, our blog Train will give you a fantastic mega kit.

My Favorite Guy!
Check Out All Those Awesome Previews in the Slide Show!

Here is my part:

3 Patterned Textured 12X12 papers

1 Chipboard Star

1 Star Sticker cluster

1 Wrapped Wooden Frame

1 Flat Ribbon

Download Here

My Favorite Guy Freebie

You Came from:
JIC Creations

Next Stop
Simple Girl Designs

Main Blog Train Link

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy {early} Birthday Mommy


My mom will be celebrating her 55th birthday in about five days. So I took her out for a just us girls dinner and a movie. We went to Carrabbas!Superyumaliciousness! I ate the most delicious shrimp scampi I have EVER tasted. I must look up the recipe. Mom had calamari…I have tried before and it was ok. But these were the actual shapes of little deep fried octopi…too gross for me!!! We both had drinks…she had a razzamatini and I had a pomegranate margarita. Both were WAY heavy on the alcohol.  Then I had the Johnny which was

Sirloin Marsala
10 oz. USDA Choice center-cut sirloin grilled and topped with mushrooms, prosciutto and our Lombardo Marsala wine sauce


Chicken Bryan
Grilled chicken breast topped with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and a basil lemon butter sauce


Delicate half moon ravioli stuffed with chicken, ricotta and spinach in a tomato cream sauce

I am not a ravioli fan so the Mezzaluna did not impress me but everything else was soooooo good!.

Then we went to see Wolverine…great movie. My mom is not really a big Marvel fan (unlike me) so I had to keep giving her back story. All in all we had a great time and it was a great day so we got to ride in her Mercedes Coupe with the top down.

in scrapping news, AliSarah Designs picked me for her one kit call for Brace Face (YAY me!)…I already did one LO…

Smile Let Me See Ya Grill

Details (and if you wanna leave me love) can be found





Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poor neglected blog

I havent blogged in forever….many days I say I gotta do it today and time just gets away from me. My eldest dd is graduating this year. She turned 18 in  February and each month gets closer to her leaving the nest. May 2 she went to her senior prom. DSCN2305

This is her and her date (and best friend) Lamar. They looked so gorgeous. Its a bittersweet feeling to see her growing older…what happened to my baby….

pixie at 3 months

She always did look gorgeous in pink!

With all of that going on and my grandma passing away, I haven’t really been in mood to design. No creative spark at all. So I think I am just going to concentrate on forum participation at the sites I sell at and scrapping some of these  gazillion pictures I have. Now if I could just stay off of FB

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Been a while

Since I last blogged…lots going on in my world. Eldest daughter got her first car! 2004 Olds Alero…her car is newer than MINE! LOL. But I wanted peace of mind when she goes all the way down to Louisiana  that she will have reliable transportation! She of course is over the moon.

I entered the Design2Inspire contest at Here is my week one entry :


be sure to stop by the gallery to grab it! It’s Free which is always good right?

Here is my week 2 Entry:


You can grab it (also free) right here

I did make a layout for Elemental Scraps template challenge with it.


Zaniyah Easter 2008 you can go there and leave me love…if you like!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Serious Swag

I love the ADSR…this is my second year and I love how it gets me in scrapping mode. The challenges encourage me to step outside the box and get my mojo flowing. I often forget one of the greatest things about the ADSR….the fabulous prizes. I feel like a celebrity grabbing all these great swag….here are just a few of the things I have picked up…



These are from Tangie Baxter’s SBG shoppe and just gorgeous!

I also picked up SherrieJD’s Curious Collection:



And this gorgeous ( I just cant stop using that word) goodie from Anita Stergiou Designs


I cant wait to play!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It’s A New Day

Literally and figuratively….a new day in that we have never seen this day before. But also a new day in American History…history of the WORLD. And in words of the, its been a long time coming…..Today President-Elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as 44th POTUS. WOW. It still gives me goosebumps. Not sure if I ever believed (before this year) that I would see it in my life time. And I am young (relatively). I guess it only took almost the total collapse of this country. Hopefully we the people can come together (once again) to form a more perfect union.!

In scrapping news…I been a scrap sensation. ADSR is always a big motivator and this years run is no different!Here are some of the challenges I have completed so far…

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New look

I decided to change my blog…if you stopped by might have noticed I had changed it to something other than how it looks now..due to technical difficulties and someone else using the same layout…I chose this!

I am a summer baby…love the sun…have always loved celestial decor and even have a tribal sun tattoo on my back. So it wasn’t hard to go with a theme that featured the sun. Especially since we are in dead of winter with temps in low teens daily…..

I have been revamping some old stuff  I had done and hopefully will have some new kits in my stores soon. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Major Snow

It was HORRIBLE this weekend. We had our first major snow of the winter. Every year at this time, I regret moving from Dallas back home to Ohio. snow outside my door

Isn’t that just YUCH??? Thats my little Skylark buried under about 9 inches of snow. Poor baby!

In other news, I have of course signed up for ADSR4 and worked well ahead. I had both challenges done before FRIDAY!!! Wooo Hoo! I also completed another layout. Here they are ….

Here are links if you want to see them close up or credits or both!

Azraelle (ADSR4 Challenge 1)

Cabin Fever Blues (ADSR4 Challenge 2)

SoBeautiful (ElementalScraps Template Challenge)

I have started working on Challenge #3…I am scraplifting one of my first layouts. And its one of my favorites.


This is my husband kissing our (then 1 minute old now 3 yr old) daughter. Its a beautiful picture and I can’t wait to scrap it again!