Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gettin My Scrap On

I am  totally getting my scrap on...I joined (and rejoined) a couple of sites to get some of these umpteen hundred pictures I have scrapped.

I am going to do the MLAS Mystery Scrap....sorta a speed scrap with out the speed.

Also going to join the Scrapbook-Bytes Page A Day Challenge...that means 31 pages by the end of March

Here is one of my page a day pages...its from The Daily Digi From the Files


my two youngest daughters who always managed to be in pictures together!

here is supply list:

File names of this month’s challenge ingredients:
Danielle Young – dy-herestoyou-pp8
Heather Roselli – hroselli-treasured-blue
MScraps – 4SBD-fortunate-negativeframe
One Little Bird – onelittlebird_forthebirds_watogether
Meredith Fenwick – mfen-sweetthing-brad-ivory
Krystal Hartley – khartley_birdsandbees_pp3
font: Freestyle Script

Monday, March 15, 2010

Im a blog neglecter!

anyone else remember the commercials for Wheel of Fortune with someone singing I'm a wheel watcher...ah well I have tons of useless bits of knowledge stuck in my head.

Some of the reason I have been such a bad blogger is that I have been SCRAPPING!YAY...Its been so long since I actually had mojo to scrap.

Find more photos like this on Totally RawKin Designs


Part of the reason is of course the fabulous ADSR5. This is my third race and it always get my scrapping mojo going...what I find so funny is that so many of my layouts this time feature pink prominently...which is one of my least favorite colors. 

I have also been doing Connie Prince's Friday nite  Speed Scrap @ Gotta Pixel.  She has great instructions/inspiration and I always LOVE what I end up with.

Design mojo is still missing....i would really like to find it...

My daughter finally got her $800 BJD...She is a combination 18th birthday & graduation present. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She is my third daughter has decided she wants one....this is an expensive hobby!

I am in somewhat of a quandary...I bought some CU items (spent quite a bit of money) and someone told me there had/have been piracy claims associated with this designer. Now what do I do....The person who told me does not know the exact circumstances but who do I go to find out...or should I even bother?Should I just use them and if it comes out later take them down???ARRGH!!!