Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Days Gone By Blog Train Freebie

Organized by the wonderful FruitLoOp Sally, this blog train collab freebie kit is going be a great one. We have set it up as a blogtrain, so what that means is that you need to go to the next blog to find the next piece of the kit! :) You will find the my piece in here and I'll give you the link to next blog! And that way you go, till you have got all 15 pieces! :)
This big kit has a vintage and retro feel to it and includes:
54 background papers!!!! :D
74 different elements and 1 alpha!!!

Here is my part…


Please stop & visit Creative Victorian Designs for the next piece

New Stores, New Products and more

I am in two new stores and have released quite a few new products to celebrate that! I can now be found in Scrapbird and DigiByDesign! These are both direct links to my stores so be sure to check them out.

On to my new products, I have one new kit and four (yep FOUR) new commercial use items. The kit is Retro Vintage. It is a companion to a freebie blog train I am a part of (stay tuned more on that later today or tomorrow)..I liked working with the palette so much, it inspired a whole kit.

Its available @ Scrapbird, DigiByDesign, & Scraphead right now!

The Commercial Use tools are these:


Just So Journaling Mats – grayscaled journaling mats with lines on separate layer for ease of use.

5 Art Deco Stamps to dress up your designs or layouts

5 Christmas Doodles that will look great when used in your creations.

Borders Vol2 -5 border templates. Use as a trim on papers, create borders, or ribbons.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hope we win

Hp Stop Drop & Spread Holiday Magic

This package would mean that my family of technofiles could have a new pc for once. Every machine we have had has been cobbled together from bits and pieces of machines someone has donated. Nine children with six being school age means lots of term papers, research, college applications & essays that need to be done. The two laptops would go to my teens, one who is a graduating senior and off to college next year. The other attends high school and college simultaneously. Having their own pc’s would mean not having to stay up nights writing papers. Our family size often prevents my husband and I from giving the children all of the things they would like for Christmas or birthdays but this would definitely change that!

Many people have no idea what its like in a family as large as mine. The amount of sharing that we have to do for just basic stuff. And we do it graciously most of the time. One of the lessons I try hardest to instill is that we are all one unit and if one fails or falls, we all do. I think I do a decent job so far. I can’t imagine the joy on faces of my eldest two daughters to be able to have laptops of their own (and top notch ones not refurbished ones from geeks.com). To be able to play online without having to get up when the buzzer goes off (sometimes we have to do that). School work is important so there is always time for that but sometimes time to do fun stuff just isn't feasible.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cadillac Records Review

My mom and I had a girls nite out last nite. We have been eagerly awaiting this movie. We are both huge music fans…huge music movie fans and adore music history. So this movie was a must see for us. I have to admit that I went in prepared to like it. I am a huge fan of most of the lead actors. Jeffrey Wright is a genius. He is way underrated. Adrien Brody is also an excellent actor. Anyway this movie had me entranced from the opening scene. I have probably the weakest bladder in the world and a normal movie trip involves at least one trip to the ladies room. NOPE! I did not want to miss a scene. Columbus Short as Little Walter was brilliant. I have never really been a fan of his….but he really brought the character to life. Gabrielle Union’s portrayal of Muddy Water’s loving wife was her usual excellence. The most emotional scene in movie shows how moving she is as an actress. Beyonce was very good in this role. Many people have criticized her for continuing to play singers…but this role is like nothing she has ever done. When she is on screen, you do not see “Beyonce”, you see a woman who uses her tough exterior to hide her insecurities…a woman who uses drugs to fill the empty space inside her. My only complaint about Beyonce’s role was it wasn’t woven into the story as seamlessly as the other main characters. Eamon Walker’s “Howlin Wolf was a riot! He commanded the scene when ever he was present. And the music…..can’t forget the music. I have been playing the soundtrack for last week or so and its also a must have. I had already heard or listened to the original versions of most of the soundtrack and have to say I am very impressed with the actors choosing to sing instead of using the originals.  All in all I give this a Thumbs Up!imgad


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Testing Testing….

Testing a new service…I downloaded the new Windows Live Writer Beta. You can use to post your blogs from your desktop! I really like the format. Lots of time I do not want to open my browser while designing cause I get sidetracked. I will say I am only looking at one thing and next thing ya know I haven't designed a thing and got 20 tabs open in Firefox. I can see this will be a staple in my day! I didn’t realize that I also have the labels!!!! I am loving this!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What Archetypes Are Calling You?

What Archetypes Are Calling You?
Carol S. Pearson

Scoring Methodology

Based on your answers, the following archetypes in red are those that are calling to you right now. You can use this information to make educated decisions about what the archetype really wants, and whether satisfying it requires you to purchase anything. Often, when we have the genuine experience the archetype craves, we find we do not have to buy so much.

A. 2 Innocent. .

B. 1 Explorer.

C. 3 Sage.

D. 4 Every person.

E. 4 Lover.

F. 5 Jester.

G. 3 Hero.

H. 2 Revolutionary.

I. 8 Magician. You have a strong desire to heal or transform people or situations. Now is the time to develop your power. Explore the art of changing your own consciousness in order to influence others. Be the future you want to see.

J. 7 Caregiver. You are drawn to being altruistic and helping others. Now is the time to identify who of the many needy people you most want to help. Donate some money. Volunteer. Spend time with children or the elderly or someone sick or otherwise in need. Lend a hand.

K. 6 Creator. You have a strong need now to express your creativity and imaginative potential. Find an art form and practice getting good at it. You may not be Picasso, but you do have a vision. Now is the time to encapsulate it in tangible form.

L. 2 Ruler.

This is interesting but not really news to me. Ihave always been a person who enjoys helping others, lots of people come to me for advice not because I am good at telling them what to do but because I am good at helping them figure out whats best for them to do. I guess a mother of 9 should have caregiver archetypal leanings...otherwise I would need a new job huh?And the creator aspect shows itself in my digital designs. I do enjoy it when I am not in a rut. I have been designing for the last couple days. Not really liking what I am doing but trying to push through.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is my Christmas Freebie

Here is my WorldWide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie Be sure to check the blog list to get the rest of these gorgeous freebies!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thats right....be sure to check for a special coupon in the DST December Issue of the Insider...it will be worth your time!!!
The coupon is good at both Scraphead & DoItDigi

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Maybe its the season...or the request to join this year's Christmas Around The World blog train which has been renamed Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies. Once again I will participating in this and I was up until 3 am designing last night...and I LOVE what I have come up with. Hope you guys like it as well. Also I will have a coupon in the upcoming holiday DST Insider so be on the look out for that..In keeping with that issue,I am going to try a hybrid project..if it works out well I will post results here & instructions AND a freebie to try it out!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

National Pursuit of Happyness Week

Some one sent me this lovely website to energize my blog...it has a 14 month calender to help when you don't know what to blog about. I have to admit that I am often blog entry challenged...I average about three - five posts a month. And this calender is supposed to help. The first entry for this week is that its National Pursuit of Happiness week. This couldn't have come at a better time. Its past time I pursued my happiness. I have been unhappy for some time in my life and its time I put me first. I know people always say that you have to put yourself first in order to be a good mom etc. But I have been so bad about following that advice.But no more.
And my first step is a doozy. I asked my husband for a divorce. I have been telling him that I am unhappy. I have tried to get him to go to counseling, to talk to our church minister...but of course he wouldnt. He doesn't see anything wrong..he gets all he wants out the marriage. He has someone to take care of him. He doesn't feel need to work, help out with kids, help out around house, help with our disabled sons therapy. He can watch cable tv and hang out with his buddies. Generally act like he is 19 years old. His reply when I told him I wanted a divorce was fine..do what you want. Please pray for me and my family. This is going to be a time of great upheaval.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Inspiration for new projects sometimes comes
when we least expect it and this was one of those Inspiring moments.

This very special SHMILY Blog Train was Inspired by a
story on the internet you may read for yourselves HERE.
(Thank you Nicole & KC)

SHMILY (See How Much I Love You) is Truly Inspiring...
Please remember to show those in your life some SHMILY
when they least expect it.


Here is my contribution to the blog train. Be sure to pick it up here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is coming

At times it seems that the election dragged on interminably, however last night was a time for great tension. I had three separate electoral maps open (still not quite sure why all three had different numbers at same time) but Obama pulled way out in front early and kept a comfortable lead. I was not sure that a last minute upset or voting irregularity would change that though. As the seconds counted down to the closing polls on the West Coast, I literally was holding my breath..I had already told my husband & daughters all Obama had to get was CA (traditionally Dem territory), OR & WA and it was all over. No sooner than the polls closed then NBC called those three for Obama and announced him as the 44th President of the United States.....my arms immediately broke out in goosebumps and it was hard to see for the tears in my eyes. Second class citizens no more.....3/5ths of a person....not ever again. A Black man is the next president of this mighty nation of ours. A wall has been shattered....a barrier lifted...Yes We Can......Yes We DID!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Whats not to love

about a tutu? Especially a free one??? Simple is having a giveaway for a tutu in your choice of black or red!
My elder daughters are tutu wearers from WAY back....Here are some of my favorite poses...

they are now 17, 16 & 12....so it was nice to look back when they were lil and cute!lol!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love Is....

I have lost three close family members to domestic violence. My aunt was murdered when I was 10 by her husband of one month. He stabbed her 28 times no one even knows what the dispute was about. She left a six year old son. My cousin who was like my older sister was murdered when she was 23 year old and I was 20. Three hours before her son's father shot her, my mom and I were at her house and were upset at the huge bruise on her arm. She smiled at us and said he SAID he was sorry.....she left two little girls and a 3 month old son. Two years ago another cousin of mines naked body was left in a wooded area, she was last seen arguing with her off and on long time boyfriend, there has been a couple of arrests but prosecutor seems to have little interest in taking this court to trial. She left two preteen daughters. All of these crimes were committed by men who purported to LOVE them. I always go back to (IMO) the authority on Love, who said:
Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant (1 Cor. 13:4)...where in there does that leave room for abuse? where does it leave room for murdering the very one you claim to love? My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson & her family. I am crying the same never ending tears. In one second, some idiot demolished your life as you knew it. And nothing can ever change it back. As time goes on, you build it into something new...something different. Something not quite as good as it was...after all those loved ones are no longer there with you. It never hurts any less...it's just not as close to the surface. But something will remind of that person and even now almost two decades later, the pain of my cousins passing can overwhelm me. I wish I could tell every woman who is with an abusive mate, not to allow him to do to her family what has been done to mine. I wish I could show them all the years of pain and tears that has been inflicted on children who are missing bright smiles and warm hugs of their murdered mothers. I wish I could tell all those abusers, hey we love her too, she doesn't BELONG to you. But I can't. I can only continue to pray for those whose pain I know all too well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mercury Retrograde...

I admit i check my horoscope from time to time. I am not fanatical about but when I do I ALWAYS go to Susan Miller's Astrology Zone. She is usually has things that are so exact it is eerie. well this months forecast for me starts out like this,

"After a fairly stressful September, you are looking forward to October, and rightly so. Mercury, your ruler, will still be retrograde for the first three weeks of October. This time you may welcome the slower pace that Mercury retrograde brings. With two eclipses in August and a very difficult full moon in mid-September, you've been dealing with a lot of news and shifting situations." Ok cue the spooky music! Lady get outta my life and head...stressful September was an understatement..

here is another gem..."At work, if you are in the creative department, this month you'll find it easy to come up with ideas but a little harder to execute them properly."
Guess thats why my idea book is full but my upload queue is almost empty...execution seems to beyond my grasp right now....

but now that the retrograde has passed (Oct 20) i should be able to get back in the swing of things....right????

Mad About Plaid and a freebie

I finally got a new product!!! I ran a bit behind on the preview templates I was working on because I got sidetracked by these...its my Mad About Plaid series. Six unique grayscale overlays to make creating plaid papers a snap!

The scrapper size set will be exclusive to DID for the next week as the promotional kit of the week..free when you spend at least $10 in one purchase! You can also purchase the tagger size set. Here is a freebie of both sizes to play with!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Work in Progress & freebie

thats how I feel. My life has been so hectic...my eldest is graduating this year. She has decided on a college (go Grambling Tigers) but still has ACT to take, she made captain of the cheerleading squad and nominated to Homecoming Court...all of this means her extracurricular load is crazy...practice for this, practice for that, community appearances...whooo...busy busy busy. Here is Pixie in her uniform pic

my youngest son is seeing a new pediatric neurologist because the two previous ones moved out of the area. She is GREAT! i was really unhappy with the last one he had. He was good with my son but I just found him somewhat standoffish. My son will also be seeing a physiatrist...I had never heard of it either...its a rehabilitation doctor. Rehabilitation physicians are nerve, muscle, and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how you move. Jorrell's official diagnosis is hemplegic cerebral palsy (resulting from stroke he suffered in utero) which means this doctor will use his expertise to oversee the physical & occupational therapy. Even with him getting it at school & outpatient once a week, we are noticing increased tone or difficulty with him doing the range of motion exercises. It makes me sad to see how he has to use his left arm turn his right arm in supine position.

But he is a real trooper and so sweet! The brace on his arm is to help with finger extension!
Those are just a few of the things that are keeping me busy. i also seem to have lost my mojo...i am working on a set of paper preview templates. A friend asked me to make her some so I obliged. This one supports 8 papers so here is a sample download here.
i am also working on my first tagger kit..I am part of the yahoo group Truly Inspired and next couple weeks, there will be a blog train based on this story SHIMILY (be sure to have your tissues ready). Stay tuned to for more info on that.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nightmare at Scraphead Blog Train

Its been forever since i updated but I am back with freebies!! Who doesn't like a freebie? As part of the Oct daily download at Scraphead.com, the designers are doing a blog train. Be sure to grab the brag book pages from all the designers. This is my first brag book page and it can be downloaded here:

Day One

Snowraven http://silversnowyraven.blogspot. Com

Michelle Powell http://scrapheadspot.blogspot.com

Renata http://www.serenebyrw.blogspot.com

Creations by Rachael http://www.creationsbyrachael.blogspot.com

By God's design http://digibygodsdesign.biz

Jennifer Wambach http://jennartdesign.blogspot.com/

MoveFearlessly Designs http://movefearlessly.com/blog/

Cathy Joes Designs http://cathyjoeskorner.blogspot.com/

Sherry D http://ambrosiaartsva.blogspot.com/

Cindy Ritter http://cindyritterdigiscrap.blogspot.com/

Tiffani http://totallyrawkindesigns.blogspot.com

Patricia - http://www.digiheaven.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check back for the new page!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything is only $2.50

All my items are only $2.50!

That's a savings of 58-72%. This includes all my commercial use items. {excludes collab kits}


Here are just a few of my latest offerings:

trkdesigns borderd @ scraphead.com

This set includes 8 border templates. Use as a trim on papers, create borders, or ribbons.
Regularly $5.99 now only $2.50

trkdesigns flourished @ scraphead.com

This set includes 10 extra large swirls. Each one is at least 6 inches long on its side. I made these extra big so that they could easily be downsized. So many uses its impossible to name them all, stickers, patterned papers, overlays, you are only limited by your imagination. Regularly $8.99 now only $2.50


trkdesigns borderd @ scraphead.com

This volume includes five png autumn leaves and branches.
Regularly $5.99 now only $2.50

These are just a few of my products which can be found here!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

where did all gigs go????

I got this pc in February...it came with 320gb hard drive. I also purchased a 200gb external drive at same time. I also just got a Nikon 8700 system a couple months before hand. Between my designs (mostly unfinished), my gazillion pictures of my family members and my amateurish texture taking photos, I have less than 17GB. I was window shopping at one of my favorite site and saw this

HITACHI Deskstar P7K500 320GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM
Image Viewer
HITACHI Deskstar P7K500 320GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

Original Price: $69.99
You Save: $20.00


Free 3 Business Day Shipping
(Not available in HI, AK and PR)
In Stock
Hitachi 320GB SATA drive

only 50 bucks and FREE SHIPPING.....i heart free shipping. Unfortunately with back to school for 7 children fast approaching...one of which is a senior , I haven't got an extra 50 bucks. But I can still salivate, right????

In other news, I absolutely ADORE this new program! For designers who advertise in yahoo groups know what a pain it is to set up your lists, make sure its correct format and day for that list and then send out an ad...AND then do it all over again for your next ad. ...this program automates the entire process. You must have your own domain for this to work and the wonderful gentlemen who wrote this program for only ten bucks will install it for you if like me cron jobs are outside of your purview.
YAM Automailer

i am working on a new collabo kit with Jennifer {Tony's Mama Designs}..its gonna be SOOOOO cute.....here a few previews of some of the things I made..... this is a paper...close up so you can see the texture!

here is the cutest little cardboard car...its inked edges make it totally adorable!!!There are 4 in this set...more transportation methods perfect for those little boy layouts! i think some cardboard flames would be a good accent with this huh???

this is a glittered chipboard frame...several of these in different glitter colors and shapes...this is a circle!

I am having so much fun making stuff...this is going to be a HUGE kit....a great bargain for scrapping boys, girls, or both!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend sale

be sure to grab my grab bag which is only 2 bucks for 150 mb of goodies! $15 worth of great stuff to scrap your memories. all of my other products are 40% off including my newest kit, Beachy Scene;

DST Insider

Be on the look out for the July issue of DST Insider...there will be a coupon inside for both my stores!

You can check out my shops here: Scraphead.com and DoItDigi

The coupon is good all month long (although it excludes all other sales and offers).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

oooh guess what

I have an additional digi home! My designs can now be found at Scraphead.com. And I will be offering my first grab bags!!! There will be a commercial use bag and one for personal use. Both bags will be over 100 mb of goodies to play with.The sale runs from June 20-22. Here is a sneak preview of my personal grab bag. You have to stay tuned if you want to see more clues. I will be posting them soon. The personal bag is worth over $ 12 once separated in the store but the bag will be only $2 and the commercial bag is valued at over $3 for the commercial use bag.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday and my store @ DoItDigi is on sale!!!! For the next 7 days, ,my entire store will be 36% of in honor of my 36th birthday! Be sure to check out my newest items, Burst of Sun overlays!
Here is my latest layout of my uncle's wedding photo using one of these sun bursts.

Will and Donna

As a special gift, be sure to snag my freebie quickpage based on this layout. Click the layout to download.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing my family

On May 1st the Reverend Dr. Sylvester Armour, after 80 years the last six in a paralytic state, passed from this life. Now that may not mean much to you but he was my Grandad and even though I had made peace ~or so I thought~ with his going, it knocked me for a loop. I could remember all the fun times when he took me and all the other grands to Geauga Lake. I remeber the rides on his home made motorcycle {it was the back of a VW Bug and the front wheel of a chopper}. It had five places for one of each of the grands to sit! I remember him giving us a weekly "allowance" just because. It makes me sad that my kids wont get to know that Grandaddy. They only know the sick man in the nursing home who they could hardly understand. I remember and thats the Grandad that I wasnt ready to let go. But I prayed for his soul and I prayed for ease of my grief. Granddaddy, I love and miss you....and I always will.

Some days I do ok. I go through the day caught up in the myriad details of caring for my family, house...life in general. And then some thing brings you to mind, an old school song, a place we used to go, something we used to do, and its like the last two and a half years have not gone by. I miss you JUST AS MUCH as the day I found out you had been taken from us. My heart is just as heavy as the day I stood over your coffin and begged God to give you back to us. My eyes are just as full of tears as the day I watched them lower the coffin in the cold November earth. Thanksgiving 2005 just wasnt the same and will NEVER EVER BE. I miss and love you Tahnee, sister of my heart, and I always will.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Designs, New Product Promotion

I have got some GREAT new things in my store...if you liked my kit from last week Dots A Plenty be sure to grab the (commercial use with no credit) Plain Dotty Overlays! 6 12X12 greyscale png files with a bonus black and white elegant Paper Pack included. These papers would be great for any formal occasion layout like prom or black tie wedding. As always the new products are 25% off for the next three days.

Congrats to Amanda (blog) She won my Dots A Plenty kit.

Here is my other new offerings. Two gorgeous paper packs perfect for those new baby layouts.
Precious Baby Boy & Precious Baby Girl are chock full of Set of 14 designer papers in soft, sweet pastels perfect for little princes & princesses Soft and sweet in the perfect shades of blue, green, yellow, pink and purple. Includes solids, stripes, plaids and polka dot patterned papers. This is the perfect set to scrap all those baby boy & girl photos you have been holding on to!

how stinkin' cute are they..

I am currently testing a program that may simplify ad posting for designers who advertise in yahoo groups. A relatively inexpensive solution would be a boon to many of us...at least I think so. I will post more as soon as I have run some test trials.

And lastly but not leastly (if you read down this far, I applaud you) here is the freebie. Made with items from my newest products here is an elegant quickpage. Snag it if ya like...and pm or email me if you use it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Im so behind

I have been working my hiney off trying to get caught up...I have been a designing, scrapping, ct applying fool lately. I am so sad the month of April is almost up...My guest spot with Digi Diva Designs is almost over. She is a dream to work with and I would love a permanent spot on her team! Anyways I just created this layout with her Simply Adored kit.I come from a family of sisters. The first two are my grandmother who is 70 and her 79 yr old sister Martha, then its my cousin, my mom and my two aunts, the next picture is my oldest two daughters,
The third row is my other four daughters in pics with their sisters.

edge journaling are these quotes about sisters

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. Isadora James
An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counsellor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too. ~Pam Brown
Our roots say we're sisters, our hearts say we're friends. ~Author Unknown
A sister shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams. ~Author Unknown
Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life. ~Author Unknown

I was picked to be on Eirene's CT. I am so excited. I love her designs and hope to be debuting some new layouts soon. I got a personalized blinkie and everything!!! Woohoo go me!

A good friend of mine who has oft been known to speak bluntly even when it hurts, Afridigidiva, has come under fire for her opinions. Agree or disagree, one thing I can say about her is that she is not afraid to attach her name to her opinions. If you feel that a person has right to have music on their blog, I do not see how you can feel she does not have the right to say she doesn't like blogs with music on them on her OWN blog. Come on now folks...thats a wee bit hypocritical. I am all for folks expressing themselves they way they want to on their blogs. But don't be mad if I do not choose to visit your blog if it plays music. I will pm you my comment and keep it moving. (FWIW one of the blogs in question I LOVE his playlist)...anywhoo...I just wanted to shout out my girl ADD and tell her to brush that dirt off her shoulders.

ok Sharia and ADD yall killing me with the hotties...gotta post my own boo...I fell in love with Christian Keyes watching the play, Madea Goes to Jail. And this pictures here show off his gorgeous smile, sexy eyes,.......his droolworthy physique...

all I can say is WOWZER....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Kit, Freebie AND Weekly RAK

New goodies in my DID store....its called Dots A Plenty...why??? Because its full of different size polka dots...in scrumptious candy colors of teal, pink, aqua and black...here is preview...Dots A Plenty


also I am giving it away FREE to a random commenter on my blog. Just tell me why you like it and post a link back when ya use it (that parts not required but I would love to leave you some love in your gallery.)

I am ruminating (love those word of the day emails) on having a CT call...I would just really like some nice scrappers who like my work to show what it can do. I do not want to get into the world of having folks pimpin for me....(hmmm would that make me a digiscrap madam if they did..).
anyways...I am still thinking about it....

Over at DID we are having a new giveaway every week...and its BRAND NEW stuff!!

Post the New Product that you would most like to have and why you like that particular product.

The designers will pick 3 random numbers and those posters will win the product they chose.

IF you have already purchased that product (to take advantage of the 25% off New Product Special), you can choose any product from the same designer and of the same value (regular price) or less from the DID shop !!!

There will be a new New Product RAK each week

So let's hear what New Product has got your eye this week!!
Be sure to post IN THE THREAD HERE which new product you want and why!!! Real simple way to scoop up some goodies.

Ok my new layouts....here is one of my preteen, Kailin. I kept it really simple cause I wanted her to be the focus of it. kit is Teen Angst by Dreamscape Designs, font toms new roman
journaling: Kailin is growing up so fast!I can hardly believe she is almost a teenager. Only one more year as a preteen but she will always be my lil Turkey Day Baby!


and here is me and the hubster on Easter...I love his smile...
kit is Aloha Sunrise by Dreamscape Designs, Fonts: Rosewood Std Regular, Poor Richard
Easter 2008\
I was trying to think if I forgot anything....nothing other than SPRING has finally sprung in NE Ohio. I have been walking for 30 minutes five days a week since the weather broke and taken lots of pictures....look forward to layouts!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I have been busy busy busy....three ct teams (well two officially have started...still waiting on one)...feeling some of my designing mojo coming back the more I scrap...and picture taking...I am so loving my Nikon...(I saw someone had a cool I <3 My Nikon blinkies....I meant to snag it)....Dirt Lovin Kids by DigiDiva (Connie Prince) In other news...I am SO SO SO sad ADSR3 is over...I had a GREAT partner and had a ball. At some point I plan to put all my adsr layouts in one gallery...I got a real scrapping work out doing those challenges. Here is my final layout for challenge
the kit is Sweet Potato Pie by DigiDiva (Connie Prince), alpha by Gina Miller.

I wanted to leave yall with some pre-craziness Michael Jackson R&B but my ftp site is not working so just imagine you here him sing got me working...day and nite...got me working sunshine until midnight!