Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is coming

At times it seems that the election dragged on interminably, however last night was a time for great tension. I had three separate electoral maps open (still not quite sure why all three had different numbers at same time) but Obama pulled way out in front early and kept a comfortable lead. I was not sure that a last minute upset or voting irregularity would change that though. As the seconds counted down to the closing polls on the West Coast, I literally was holding my breath..I had already told my husband & daughters all Obama had to get was CA (traditionally Dem territory), OR & WA and it was all over. No sooner than the polls closed then NBC called those three for Obama and announced him as the 44th President of the United arms immediately broke out in goosebumps and it was hard to see for the tears in my eyes. Second class citizens no more.....3/5ths of a person....not ever again. A Black man is the next president of this mighty nation of ours. A wall has been shattered....a barrier lifted...Yes We Can......Yes We DID!


Robin said...

Do you love your country? I know I do and I just don't believe that his kind of change is what america needs! John McCain was not the best alternative, but I personally don't like the fact of an American president that doesn't respect this wonderful country's flag, he is to close to enemys of this country forgin and domestic, and he is a racist. This country has come to far to get past racism. I think it is a great thing that we have an afric american in office just not him. All I hope is that he don't mess us up too bad that it can't be fixed. I love america and I love the way she is... Freedom is our greatest gift and I believe he is against freedom. According to the polls durring the election national security only rated about 9% of importance... Has everyone forgotten 9/11/01? I haven't and I never will ... I bet all the people that lost moms, dads, kids and so on will not either. It was "his kind" if you will that took those lives and their only crime was they went to work and not sitting back looking for a hand out.
God Bless...while we are still allowed to say that!

Anonymous said...

Right On Robin!!!