Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

I saw midnite with my family as usual. We drank our sparkling cider and talked for a while longer. Talked about what our plans for this year might include. The Diva who is 17 and in her senior year of high school is chomping at bit to get out of Dodge. She is headed to Grambling in the fall. I look forward to it in a bittersweet way..hard to believe my lil baby is just about growed up..sniff sniff…but other times I am ready to strangle her!pixie cheer

I also did my daily mugshot. Here is today…check back  for daily update 

My daily mugshot is here


I also started a frugal crafters yahoo groups…sometimes my craft hobbies can get expensive and I gotta work on that. The group is in its infancy but if you are frugal and crafty…feel free to join me…it will include picture shares, techniques, and of course chit chat.



melody said...

Good luck with your frugal crafting group. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Hobbies can be so expensive!

Mandy B. said...

I love that mugshot slideshow- too cute. Great idea on the frugal crafting group- besides the things you mentioned, you'll get extra motivated to be frugal so you can show off your great ideas. I'm joining- I'll have to think of something frugal I've done lately, LOL.