Monday, November 2, 2009

Shimelle's Class

I am really looking forward to this class even though I was a last minute entry...
I would like to get more consistent with blogging. It doesnt have to be every day or every other day even. Just a couple days a week to document all of the cute stories and stuff I put in my status on facebook.

SCRAP MY PHOTOS...I have so many layouts in the making...I need to get them scrapped!

Enjoy company of fellow scrap artists! None of my offline friends are into scrapping...digi or otherwise. I really enjoy reading (sharing) the lives of other ladies who share my interests.

Finish what I start!I have a REAL issue with this. I am so gung ho and interested at the beginning....I would like to carry that through the entire course and finish!

Here is my messy desk....which I started cleaning...notice I said STARTED!