Friday, November 30, 2007

All Sobe'd Out

I think I have come to a crucial point in my life.....Sobe No Fear is no longer working as a pick me up.........WAAAAAAAAAH! What am I going to do on the long B O R I N G nights at work to stay awake. I can not abide the taste of any of the other energy drinks so whats a working mom/wife/student/designer supposed to do????

I am more than halfway through Eldest...its only taken me almost a year to read. Its a great story especially considering how young Christopher Paolini was when he started writing. The only thing that saddens me is that this year I seem to be finishing up all my favorite series with no new books in site. JD Robb's Eve Dallas series, Diana Mott Davidson's Goldy Bear series, Kim Harrison's the Hollows, and now this...what will I do...anyone have any good fantasy series?? Or crime series? Or even a cooking mystery series (I love the recipes in Mott-Davidson's books).


Dawn said...

Nice blog! I have no idea about books to read along the lines you are looking for, but have you ever read the newer ones out that have to do with scrapbooking? I have no names to pass along tho, lol. I just know they came out in the last year or so. I think they are mysteries.