Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still feeling blah

I feel so stagnated. I know a lot of it has to do with missing family members who have passed away as well as those who have moved away. I can remember Christmas Holidays from long ago with the grandkids (me included) and my cousins from out of town came. We would play Monopoly with my aunts & uncles (My Uncle Rick always cheated) while Grandma cooked the best sweet potato pie (and I got my OWN pie)....My dad would be singing off key while we all laughed at him.

Twenty or more years later, those days are gone. My Aunts Tammy & Cristy as well as my cousin Tahnee have gone on to heaven. And they live in on my heart. My grandma has cataracts so bad she hasnt baked in years. And she lives all way in Cincinnati. I haven't seen her in two years almost.


Kristen said...

I am sorry for your losses. I have been feeling a bit of that myself and thinking a lot about others I know who have lost loved ones recently.

NancyP said...

Came here to pick up Christmas Around the World and noticed your post.
I SOOO can feel with you. I am now 68, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren live all over the world. Husband is in heaven, and the good family Christmases are a thing of the past. But you know what? We live on the memories!!!! Reach out to someone and may you have the most blessed Christmas ever!!!!