Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Change is good!!!

I am now exclusive at DoItDigi! Its a great site and the ladies there are all awesome!!! Other exciting news is I am in the ADSR3 with my partner Debbie (newtty). I am sure you have seen her around the digiscrapping world. i am super excited about that.....hmmm what else...oooh SALE...my newest kit, Jamba, is in the store and its 20% off until Friday...
I have really noticed a return of my creativity...I was up designing 4 hours the other night...been a long time since that happened.

I tried my hand at altered art.......You can also see this...and comment in my gallery at DoItDigi!


Azrood said...

Fantastic work on your altered art project! Also congratulations on entering the ADSR3! It's so much fun - I can't wait for the race to start! :)

erica922 said...

wow love those letters!!! thank you for stopping by my blog house :):):):)