Sunday, August 2, 2009

Azraelle's Bon Voyage Party

The party is over and done with! Thanks goodness. It was so much work getting everything together...but it turned out beautiful. A few minor upsets....guest of honor was over an hour and half late. The pastor and his wife came and he wanted to bless her and the event and she was still getting dressed across town. The wind kept blowing at the decorations but they still looked gorgeous. I was a wee bit upset when I found that instead saying Grambling Bound.....the cake said Gambling bound and was decorated with playing cards and coins.....A lot of people who were supposed to come...did not...oh well. We had plenty of food...good music...and she had a great time. And my second eldest, Dee said she DEFINITELY does not want a party. She would rather have a gift. Here are a few pictures...more on flickr