Saturday, January 2, 2010

Self Improvement

happy new year to everyone!I went to a Vivarant's chat @SBG and the theme was of course resolutions.  The challenge was a one word resolution. I don't think I am gonna make the deadline for the layout but the theme resonated in my mind. After sitting back and thinking on what I wanted this year to be about...everything I listed could be pulled together under one word....self- improvement.  As a mom, wife, etc my needs often get pushed to back if ever even addressed.  I just had a tooth pulled. Its been bothering me forever...I kept putting off dental work even though I have two children in braces and 7 others who at dentist when necessary. When I finally went in, the dentist fussed at me since it had been TWO years since he told me to make an appt with oral surgeon to have this tooth pulled. All I could do was hang my head in shame. Thats just plain ridiculous. I am not one of those people who are afraid of the dentist so my only defense is I was so busy with everyone and everything else, I forgot about me.  And looking over my life, that seems to be the norm.

It is my hope that my journey of self-improvement will lead me to the path of self- fulfillment!

Here some of the things that I have decided to do this year for me:

  1. Taking a Illustrator Course to improve as a designer            Illustrator_101__cg
  2. Taking  The Fulfilled Life Series to improve my MEtfs_jan10
  3. Straighten out my school enrollment so I can finally get my degree. Its been on back burner status entirely too long.
  4. Stop putting time and effort into relationships that does not give me any positive feedback. I don't need anyone else's negativity...I have enough of my own.
  5. Limit my facebook & pc time wasting. Cafe World & Plants VS Zombies are great fun...but I waste valuable time that I need for other things.

These are just my January Goals. They do not have to be finished in this month but I must do something about each one every day in January.   I have set up calendar prompts and even have mobile alerts.  Thats my resolution.....whats yours?