Friday, December 12, 2008

Hope we win

Hp Stop Drop & Spread Holiday Magic

This package would mean that my family of technofiles could have a new pc for once. Every machine we have had has been cobbled together from bits and pieces of machines someone has donated. Nine children with six being school age means lots of term papers, research, college applications & essays that need to be done. The two laptops would go to my teens, one who is a graduating senior and off to college next year. The other attends high school and college simultaneously. Having their own pc’s would mean not having to stay up nights writing papers. Our family size often prevents my husband and I from giving the children all of the things they would like for Christmas or birthdays but this would definitely change that!

Many people have no idea what its like in a family as large as mine. The amount of sharing that we have to do for just basic stuff. And we do it graciously most of the time. One of the lessons I try hardest to instill is that we are all one unit and if one fails or falls, we all do. I think I do a decent job so far. I can’t imagine the joy on faces of my eldest two daughters to be able to have laptops of their own (and top notch ones not refurbished ones from To be able to play online without having to get up when the buzzer goes off (sometimes we have to do that). School work is important so there is always time for that but sometimes time to do fun stuff just isn't feasible.


Brittany E. said...

That is so cool, it amazing the good at sharing thing-I grew up lik an only child and I don't know if I would be as good at it. JK-Sorta :)

Aleksandar at work said...

laptop is realy magical present. :)