Monday, April 26, 2010

So behind…

lots of stuffies in this blog post…I am SUPER behind in all web and digi matters. but in my defense, I have only one four letter word to say…PROM!

My second eldest dd, Dee attended her senior prom on Saturday. It went great…she was beautiful…had a great time…and its over!On to graduation!

On to digi and web matters, check out this super cute mini album on JulieChats’  blog

Punky Sprouts Prim %26 Punky D2[1]

I love how it looks. I am in total awe of her scrapping skills!Be sure to browse her blog to see more of her awesomeness. Happy All Year Birthday To Her!Margaritas in mexico sound Wonderful.

And more specifically in digiscrappin news, be sure to stop back for great things on May 1st….im talking about blog train, freebies, coupons, and prizes…